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Reportage 📷

This section features my latest photo reports, which are intended to be shared with editors of news outlets who may be interested in purchasing them from me. A photo-reportage is a visual storytelling technique that uses a series of photographs to convey a story or document an event or issue. These collections of photographs are often accompanied by captions or brief descriptions that provide context and information about the subject matter. It’s important to note that the photographs in my photo reportages are my intellectual property, and it is strictly forbidden to use them or post links to my work on social media without my written consent. This work is how I make a living, and I kindly ask for your respect in this matter. As a photographer, I use my skills and techniques to capture compelling images that convey the essence of the story or event. I work independently or may be commissioned by a news organization, magazine, or other media outlet to produce a photo report. It’s worth mentioning that some of the reportages in this section may be re-published from other news outlets that I have worked for. These may include additional text, audio, or video elements that provide further context or information about the subject matter.