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We’re big fans of persistence, and we love celebrating when a member of our club reaches a significant milestone. That’s why we have these special clubs such as IDPPC and IDWPC. We are a group of people that meet because we share a common interest, occupation and cause.

Independent Documentary and Press Photographers Club

Education is paramount and in addition to our ethics in documenting history as it happens, we are also prepared to remove any barriers that aim to remove us from bearing witness to the innocent.

As a documentary and press photographers club, we offer a vibrant program of seminars, workshops and masterclasses as well as support to our fellow colleagues that are dealing with the consequences of their professional reporting as well as those with the consequences of hostility from public servants.

We believe in the power and energy of using our collective effort to produce stunning and unique editorial images that stand out from the usual fayre. We stand proud of our innovative mindset and are not afraid to swim against the prevailing current. We are here to record the history in pictures.


Our members are as likely to be found focusing on the politics of race, gender, and identity as they are to be found with their lens firmly focussed on migration and conflict.

We are both the amplifying voice for the voiceless, and the professionals that can capture the image representing the complex and shifting political, environmental and social landscape, whether at the local, national or international level. It is this ability to switch our attention from the human story to a myriad of genres that gives us the incomparable perspective evident in the prints we produce.

With commitment and consistency, we uphold our earned reputation for uncompromising photography immersed in the issues of today, our doors are always open for thoughtful debates in the belief that no administrative institution, country or “republic” can thrive without debate and criticism.

We strongly believe that freedom of the press is not primarily to amuse and entertain, not to emphasize the trivial and the sentimental, not to simply “give the public what it wants” — but to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and opportunities, to indicate our crises and choices, to lead, mould, educate, and sometimes even provoke public opinion.

We are not here to entertain anyone. We are here to witness, document and report what we all do in our everyday life. History without us will be forgotten, and we will not let that happen.

Founders: Vudi Xhymshiti, Andrew Blowers, Aiyush Pachnanda, David Babaian, Sagar Kharecha, Simon King and Zack Web.

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I founded Media Training and Consultancy Development Centre on behalf of VX Media Ltd in late 2019, which include those formerly, or currently, with world-leading media organisations with specialist knowledge of handling the challenges of the constantly changing media landscape. We bring our expertise to work with media start-ups and existing news organisations in need of structural change or updated skills.

Skills-intensive training remains at the heart of what we do. Our trainers, all with impressive journalistic credentials, focus on developing photojournalists’ and editorial practical skills. The emphasis is on hands-on training, reporting on real stories and tackling technical challenges.

Our educational programmes aim to promote, teach and foster high-quality national and international journalism by upskilling emerging talents (professionals, students and interested teenagers) in media practice, visual journalism, narrative, ethics, business and entrepreneurship.

Believing that everyone deserves a chance to make informed choices, we’ve created our innovative media creative and development training centre. 

  • We aim at helping minority communities suffering the consequences of the lack of mainstream media coverage.
    • Communities in Crisis due to illiteracy, which leads to poverty.
    • Communities suffering due to climate change and armed conflicts.
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When the ashes of war were knocking right on my doorstep in the late 90s in Kosovo, I was living through the brinks of my teenage years. My teenagehood was a journey in grief for many men women and children who were being killed just because they were speaking a language or loving a flag that some Serbs in Belgrade happen to hate for reasons unknown to me to this day.

Although Milosevic was reported to have died during his trial for crimes and war crimes against humanity in the International Tribunal in Hague, yet, sadly many Serbs seek to deliver his political ideology and it sounds about the same with some politicians at the heart of the Kremlin in Moscow. For decades, the Russian Federation and its satellite state, Serbia, and their allies have invested millions to tarnish the image of Albanians in the West and wherever they seem to be thinking where their propaganda could penetrate.

Albanians are a nation that never sought to occupy a land that was not theirs. Some in Serbia and some in the Russian Federation seem to be loving that and to do so, it is of necessity for them to spread lies. This is their misinformation mission that aims to make Albanians or any other small nation look evil or worthless, so then, when they launch their missiles it somehow would be justified. With the foundation of the FRONTLINE Magazine, I aim to professionally debunk them from their unjustified greed and mission to hurt innocent men, women and children.

I started the FRONTLINER in late 2008 as a personal blog through which I wanted to provide my professional criticism towards my peer in journalism and encourage them to improve their quality of news reporting. I also criticised the United States and our European friends for various mistakes they’ve done in my home country Kosovo.

I did the same with the politics of crime syndicates that looted the country for 21 consecutive years (1999-2021), I will continue to do so, but this year my scope will widen and it aims to focus on the matters of climate change and the foreign politics of the Russian Federation as well as its minion, Serbia.