As a photojournalist, I’ve always been drawn to telling people’s stories. And for me, there is no more powerful story than that of war and its consequences. I’ve spent my career documenting the effects of war on civilians, and I hope that by sharing these stories, we can help prevent future wars. This gallery features some of my most recent work published in various European and American newspapers and magazines.

These photos capture the human cost of political decisions across the world. These photos are a reminder of the tragedies unfolding.

I’m based in Kyiv, accredited by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, and I am here to stay. I’m available for assignments. Get in touch via [email protected].






Portrait Photography is a particular method of representing a person. Whether it is an editorial or corporate brand assignment, we successfully display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person’s character.

Editorial portraits mean so much to us. A good portrait photograph will always tell a story about the person in it. We will deliver it.

As usual in all of our assignments, we particularly set out a combination of our suggestions and client’s demands, which lead us to a little more imagination and creativity. In one simple photo, we will do our best to convey relevant information about the subject as possible as we can to deliver hints about a person’s character, the work they do or the world they inhabit.

Portrait photography is all about people, and studio work is nearly the exact opposite from location shooting, especially for portraits. With location portrait shoots, the focus is easily on the person posing, but the surrounding elements also contribute to the final product. Also, the studio presents some more challenging lighting situations, as you can imagine that we’d need to create the light, rather than modify what the sun is providing.

We understand that studio work alone can be intimidating, adding people can often make things nerve-wracking, but you can trust us on this, working together it will always be easier and we love it.

Portrait photography helps identify who you are, how you see yourself or how you are seen. They can be honest images or equally created for affecting a new and improved persona.

Most of our clients will hire us for commercial, corporate or media projects and so we shoot lots of portraits that end up in the online/offline national & international press, and trade publications.

We own a versatile theoretical and practical knowledge and we deliver it with confidence. 

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