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VXP Guidance

[wiso_services style=”center” icon=”icon-spiral” title=”Don’t Alter Images” text=”We need a true representation of what you saw. Nothing should be added, removed, or altered.”]
[wiso_services style=”center” icon=”icon-note” title=”Always add Image Data” text=”Add headline, caption and date in the correct IPTC metadata fields of the images before you upload.”]
[wiso_services style=”center” icon=”icon-cloud-upload” title=”Upload Quickly” text=”Images older than 24 hours will be rejected (except in exceptional circumstances).”]

What are you singing up to?

  • You are signing up to submit Images and have them sold by VX Pictures Ltd and its Partners
  • You are responsible for the content you upload, and you must be the copyright holder or have their permission or be contractually entitled to distribute the Image for its proposed use or the Image is copyright free
  • We will pay you 70% of a direct sale made by VX Pictures for images Exclusive to VX Pictures
  • We will pay you 67% of a direct sale made by VX Pictures Partners for images Exclusive to VX Pictures
  • We will pay you 55% of a direct sale made by VX Pictures for images not Exclusive to VX Pictures
  • We will pay you 50% of a direct sale made by VX Pictures Partners for images not Exclusive to VX Pictures
  • You can quit with just 45 days notice
  • We report sales to you as soon as we know about them
  • We’ll pay you every month that your balance is over GBP £50
  • You will caption and keyword (tag) your Images only with our guideline format provided upon approval to work with you
  • The information you supply must be correct, particularly when talking about model or property releases
  • Prices are determined by VX Pictures
  • VX Pictures’s Customers cannot use photos for pornographic, defamatory, or any other unlawful purposes

You thought you wanted to work with us?

At heart, VX Pictures is a group of people who care deeply about providing our customers and contributors with an excellent experience and a unique product.

We don’t just talk, we walk the talk, live it: we encourage teams to come together and feel empowered to make decisions and experiment.

We respect the work-life balance and focus on rewarding for delivery. We’re really ethical and we’re nice – but not boring nice!

Excited about building the world’s best photography agency?

Apply for a current opportunity, or send your résumé to, telling us how you can contribute to VX Pictures – you might just persuade us to create a role for you!