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Antarctica Photography Workshop with VX Pictures and Polar Latitudes. Join us to enhance your photography skills while capturing the stunning beauty of Antarctica.

Limited class size of 15.

Join Vudi Xhymshiti and VX Pictures in a unique opportunity to explore Antarctica while enhancing your photography skills.

Limited to just 15 people per trip, our partnership with Polar Latitudes guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Take a break from news stories and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while learning about photography ethics, composition, lighting, post-production, metadata, captioning, and more. Don’t miss out on this chance to pursue your passion and potentially monetize your work.


We have put together an FAQ list to help you understand our Antarctica Photography Workshop better.

Our goal is to provide you with the necessary information to address any concerns or issues you may have and make the most out of the experience.

What is the duration of the trips to Antarctica?

The duration of the trips varies. It depends on the time you can commit to the trip and your budget. The trips can range from 13 days (10 nights on board) to 34 days (33 nights on board).

What are the prices for the different Antarctica trips?

Our Antarctica trip prices vary depending on the duration, location, and whether it includes a photography 📸 course. Prices start at $8,410 USD. Please refer to our website for specific pricing details for each trip option.

Are trips to Antarctica available without photography course options?

Yes, selected trips are available without photography course options. Check the table below, trips marked with a 📸 sign are designed with a photography course, while those without 📸 are available without a photography course.


Experience the magnificent beauty of Antarctica with access to all the activities we offer, including wildlife encounters and stunning landscapes. Our 13-day trip includes 10 nights on board.

  • Departures in November, December.
  • Starting at $9,346/USD (per person).


Experience the magic and wonder of Antarctica during the holiday season, surrounded by penguins and breathtaking glacial landscapes. This 13-day trip includes 10 nights on board.

  • Departures in December.
  • Starting at $9,305/USD (per person)


A journey to cross the Antarctic Circle, through Drake Passage and Peninsula. If we make it to 66°33’S, we’ll be joining a select group of explorers who have reached this far south. Witness stunning wildlife and scenery as we go further south. Our 15-day trip includes 12 nights on board.

  • Departures in January.
  • Starting at $11,215/USD (per person)


Experience the thrill of adventure as you explore the glacial landscapes of the Antarctic peninsula and encounter stunning wildlife. The Adventures in Antarctica trip is a 12-day journey with 9 nights on board.

  • Departures in November, December and February.
  • Starting at $8,410/USD (per person)


The Falkland Islands/Malvinas and South Georgia (via Puerto Madryn) are abundant in unique wildlife, with beaches covered in seals and penguins. Experience the jaw-dropping nature scenes and fascinating history of the area on our 22-day trip, with 19 nights on board.

  • Departures in November.
  • Starting at $17,760/USD (per person).


Embark on a 34-day unparalleled journey from the world’s southernmost city to Cape Verde Islands. Explore remote locations, wildlife and history for the ultimate “me time” experience. Discover hidden treasures and captivating beauty.

  • Departures in March, April
  • Starting at $12,800/USD (per person).


📸 With Photography Course on the Road 📸

Antarctica holds a unique allure that draws travellers from all corners of the world. It stands as the sole destination we venture to, and for good reason. Whether you find yourself pressed for time or blessed with a wide-open calendar, we provide an array of dates and itineraries designed to awaken the intrepid explorer within you. Brace yourself for a transformational journey as you immerse yourself in awe-inspiring landscapes, encounter unparalleled wildlife, and delve into the rich history of this extraordinary continent.

Be prepared for a profound and everlasting change.

📸 Capture the essence of Antarctica on a 13-day, 10-night expedition. Experience the wonders of wildlife encounters and breathtaking landscapes.

Departures are available in November and December 2023 with an included Photography Course. January departures are also available but without the Photography Course.

  • Departures in Nov, Dec, & Jan
  • Prices start at $9,346/USD (per person).

Thank you for choosing VX Pictures and Polar Latitudes!

Feel free to reach out to our sales team through chat, email, or by scheduling a phone call. We’ll be delighted to assist you at your convenience.