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Editorial 21 April 2020 The good, the bad and the ugly debt of the truth

The debt to the truth of the lies of the British Conservative government is being paid by dying Brits every day since  Covid19 hit British shores.

    Editorial 1 August 2016 ARE BLACK LIVES TERRORIST LIVES?

    Innocent and unarmed men, women and children, the world over, have fallen victim to the lethal and remorseless brutality.

    Editorial 6 May 2016 In Freedom of the Press at least, Kosovo is the worst of the Balkans

    The truth is not governmental property, but so often events are driven by the de facto truth that might makes right or suffer the consequences.

      Editorial 2 April 2016 KOSOVO: A Tale of Two Cities: The Criminals and Citizens

      Eight years after its declaration of independence, Kosovo still fails as an independent Republic.

      Editorial 1 March 2016 Kosovo: A Nest of Crime Fugitives in Europe

      Kosovo has been facing the most serious political crisis since the declaration of independence from Serbia in 2008.


      Good coverage could help to hold politicians responsible and accountable, however, “good coverage” of a politician or group of politicians, means bad coverage in relation to the ethical code of professional quality, as it is in direct conflict with the ethical code of journalism.

        Editorial 26 December 2015 Crime and Punishment in Kosovo

        No visa liberalisation for Kosovars until politicians are held to account.

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