I have been committed to the education and vocational training of others who want to learn about and progress in photography since I started teaching in 2017. As a result of my own passion for photography, I have gained a reputation for innovation in this field.

Education is paramount and in addition to my flagship Mentorship Program, I offer a vibrant program of seminars, workshops and masterclasses. I am pleased to announce that I will be offering these sought-after courses in partnership with other outstanding photographers now, as 2020 is the year when I founded – The VX Pictures.

My Commitment

I consistently thrive and focus on developing new, exciting, and stimulating education programs to add to the existing ones that I already offer.

These programs are available in Britain, Europe (worldwide upon request), in-person and online. My programs will place emphasis on providing education and professional development and training in communities and individual young adults where there is little or no access to learning photographic excellence and it is my intention to partner with other interested organizations to provide opportunities for learning.

My Mentorship Program has been successfully rolled-out and has created forward momentum for the careers of many young photographers as well as mid-career and career photojournalists.

I am currently working to developing a new code of ethics for teaching and mentorship, which will continue to improve and develop my pedagogy and practice.

The Mentor Program

My year-long Mentorship Program, which was conceived when I started in 2017 and launched a year later in 2018, has helped to establish and propel the careers of many young photographers from Britain, Europe, and the Middle East. Some of them have chosen to join VX Pictures while others have gone on to work with other photo agencies.

As a part of the Mentorship Program, each selected photographer works exclusively with me or with one member of VX Pictures to develop their own professional practice. In consultation with the mentee, I create a bespoke program, tailoring the content of the program to the specific area that the mentee wishes to develop and excel in.

I am proud to be able to say that my mentees have produced important work, building relationships with some of the most prominent media organizations in Britain and beyond.

I have also gained much from The Mentorship Program and it is something that has great meaning to me. I will be further developing it in the years ahead to adapt, change, and respond to the needs of young photographers.